Beyond The Horizon

The very best of the Alliance: Lavagnome Raid:
  • Paladin Grummelbart,
  • Hunter Windforce,
  • Warlock Roana,
  • Warrior Gwoar,
  • Rogue Zakna,
  • Druid Massel,
  • Priest Simon,
  • Mage Tanja.
I actually went up Gnomereagan with them to take this picture.

Dead Knight's Rite

Taken in Naxxramas. Einherjer - Dead Knight´s Rite is the namesake of this picture.

The Icecold Trollblood

Portrait session with Phage. You may want to listen to Finntroll - Det Iskalla Trollblod to fully enjoy this picture. :)


Volvox in Shadowfang Keep. The heavier one: Slipknot - Duality.


Axute. Nightwish - Slaying The Dreamer best frames it.


Drunken in the kings throne room. Ohoh.

Ice Queen

Another self portait. Listen to Within Temptation - Ice Queen to get the feeling. (I was a passionate frost mage.) Fabulous. :)